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We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients to achieve and sustain transformational impact over time.

Aetherial & Company, Ltd. Co. (Aetherial & Company) is a professional management services company in Atlanta, Georgia that provides software solutions & consulting services in strategy, talent management, digital, technology and operations. Established in January of 2019, Aetherial & Company leverages deep industry and functional expertise and a range of perspectives to spark change through leading-edge management consulting as well as data science, technology and design, digital ventures, and business purpose.

Under the Aetherial brand our dedicated professionals form a coalition to help customers advance their ideas and tackle their most important challenges. We capture our greatest opportunities by leveraging the power of global insight, relationships, collaboration and talent management to deliver exceptional services & solutions to clients wherever they do business.

Aetherial & Company focuses on an "as-a-service" model of service delivery to navigate organizations through a strategic digital transformations model & collaborate throughout all levels of the client organization to deliver results that help clients thrive. This includes end-to-end coverage of digital solutions, managed IT Operations, & talent management.

Home To Multidisciplinary Talent. Incubator For Innovation.

We are building Aetherial & Company to become a home for multidisciplinary teams of designers, developers and other technology experts who work with clients to investigate, imagine and bring to life new ideas. We've been helping client assess capability gaps and work shoulder-to-shoulder to design and implement the right interventions to build needed skills, leveraging a wide range of in-person and digital capability building programs.

Expertise To Accelerate Transformations.

Distinguished for helping shape some of the world’s most recognized brands, Aetherial & Company, Ltd. Co. brings innovation, intelligence and deep industry experience together with leading technologies from our ecosystem partners to accelerate growth & advance business capabilities. We believes we can compete effectively by tackling technology-driven initiatives within a go-to market strategy for customers focused on building an intelligent and agile ecosystems.

Together we solve complex challenges by helping you imagine, deliver and run your business from strategy development to implementation. Our leadership & success is motivated by our commitment to leverage industry-specific best practices and appropriate trending technologies to refine your business. We offer a prescriptive methodology through our onboarding to reduce risk and increase speed to market.

A Commitment To Inclusion & Diversity.

We believe that government laws, regulations and business practices should uphold the principles of equality and that no one should be discriminated against because of their differences, such as age, ability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, religion or sexual orientation. While laws may vary in the countries where we operate, we remain committed to an inclusive and diverse workplace.

Fostering Trust, Personal Integrity & Corporate Governance.

The Aetherial brand is established on values that mean more than the traditional code of conduct. We believe in our mission to inspire and support brands we admire ourselves.Our values shape the culture of our organization and define the character of our company. We live the core values through individual behaviors.

Our network consists of leaders from each respective industry, and our passion is to create an ecosystem of digital solutions to inspire the industry and bridge the gap between brands and the users they serve. We leverage our knowledge base with prospective trends to deliver digital experiences to transform and reshape the customer journey. Our focus has been to refine the services and platforms that are necessary to thrive in today's market but provide it to businesses in curated processes.

While digital platform pioneers have disrupted industries like retail, travel, and mobility, incumbent firms or the non-digital native companies are shaping their platform and ecosystem strategies to create value and stay competitive.With an influx of digital technologies and as the advances they enable are pushing forward at a relentless pace, a small business must transform to produce a highly adaptive system—one with the skills and the agility needed to keep pace with continuous digital shifts for decades to come. One where digital technologies advance our agility to unlock new sources of economic value.

Core Values

The Aetherial brand is established on values that mean more than the traditional code of conduct. We believe in our mission to inspire and support brands we admire ourselves.Our values shape the culture of our organization and define the character of our company. We live the core values through individual behaviors.

  • Authentic

    Foster authentic relationships to sustain client success. Valuing diversity and unique contributions, fostering a trusting, open and inclusive environment.

  • Adaptive

    Aim to be the forefront of innovation in the digital age. The creative resourcefulness and ethics to Enabling clients to yield high-performance businesses and creating long-term relationships by being responsive and relevant and by consistently delivering value.

  • Bold

    Tackle the de facto model, responsibly. Attracting, developing and retaining the best talent for our business, and challenging our people to deliver exceptional service to clients wherever they do business.

  • Stewardship

    Fulfilling our obligation of building a better, stronger and more durable company for future generations. Developing our people and helping improve communities and the global environment

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