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Security Products

Monitor And Protect Your Application Ecosystem

Aeco Analysis

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Our tool provides an early identification and delivers very low false-positive rates as you set up, run, schedule, and manage security scans. The actual amount of traffic generated from a scan depends on the application and the number of URLs, event handlers, forms, and parameters.


Discovery of unauthorized access or other malicious activity. Automatically scan and detect common vulnerabilities, including cross-site-scripting (XSS), Flash injection, mixed content (HTTP in HTTPS), and outdated/insecure libraries.
Personalized performance insights across your application with ability to be integrated into the SDLC workflow.
Track assets and their vulnerabilities with accuracy across IT infrastructure.
Open APIs enable application security testing throughout all stages of the development tool chain; development, deployment, and production.
Identify vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and other weaknesses across endpoints with continuous visibility and assessments into public cloud environments.
Systematic approach delivers a simpler and more scalable solution for reducing global application-layer risk across web, mobile and third-party applications. Minimize the number of false positives and negatives assessing assets for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across your complete attack surface.
This foundational coverage can be extended into pipelines to support nearly limitless integrations. Delivered as purely cloud native solution.
Understand the sitemap and layout of your web applications so you can see and assess your web applications globally.

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