Aetherial & Company, Ltd. Co.
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What We Offer

Accelerated Returns On Innovation.

We help our clients understand what to build, how to operate it and how to manage risk along the way. We specialize in building category-defining products and companies. Defined with workflows to optimize your business processes and help you efficiently create deliverables. Systematized for every process.
  • Design Ideation

    From conception to consumption, our design culture is anchored around challenging traditional minimalism with bold new twists.

    Creative Design Services
    Customer Experience Design
    User Interface Design
    Strategic Content Design

  • Software & Cloud Native Innovation

    Eloquent and easy to use platforms to efficiently transform ideas into profitable growth.

    Software Engineering Services
    Cloud Applications
    Mobile Apps
    Backend Systems

  • Security

    Security & Vulnerability Management
    Web & Mobile Application Protection
    Multi-Cloud Protection
    Data Integrity
    Penetration Testing
    Network & Infrastructure Protection
    Endpoint Fraud Protection
    Alerting & Incident Management

  • Predictive Business Intelligence

    Looking ahead, staying ahead: leverage world class technology with expert guidance to move forward in the right direction in a rapidly changing environment.

    Business Development Services
    Customer Satisfaction Reporting
    Service & IT Operations Reporting
    Digital Market Segmentation
    Disaster Recovery Planning
    Applied Artificial Intelligence

  • Data Analytics

    Turn data into insights with advanced analytics and machine learning. Analysis of increased granularity makes insights understandable and accessible to every decision maker.

    Cognitive Business Monitoring
    KPI Definition & Reporting
    Predictive Application Diagnostics Reporting
    AI Enabled Alerting Policy Management
    Service Level Status Intelligence
    Predictive Infrastructure Diagnostics Reporting

  • Operational Excellence

    Immersion into an Agile company of tomorrow through suite of secure, cloud-native integrations. Achieve step-function improvements in productivity, flexibility, and collaboration.

    Digital Transformation Services
    Unified Incident Tracing & Management Design
    Strategic Automation Solutions
    Sales Pipeline Unification
    Commerce Customer Experience Design
    Omni-Channel Support Center Design

  • Talent Optimization

    Recruiting administrative and professional services across a wide scope of industries to improve retention, lower time-to-fill, and reduce ineffective hiring costs.

    Assesment & Sourcing
    Project Talent Consultation
    Compensation Planning
Not Sure Where To Start?

Combine strategy, technology, data science and design to give your customers what they want and how they want it.
Whether you want to advance your business objectives or a capability, we are here every step of the way.